Distant Learning


This update is loaded with information that you should become familiar with over the next few days as we engage with our scholars in the online learning platform effective Monday, March 30, 2020. Our faculty, staff, and administration will continue to be available to support our Journey to Excellence as we all continue this good work of Christian Education and BJA.

Schedules have been adjusted to accommodate our scholars who will now have to engage online (limiting screen times for scholars), understanding that this is an end-of-year adjustment for teaching and learning for BJA, the initial support that families will need, and our focus on teaching our core subjects – skill building and standards.

  • PK4-2nd Grades: Online: Zoom (separate links will be shared), IXL
  • 3rd – 8th Grades: Online: Google Classroom (email invitations sent to families), IXL
  • Grades will continue to be hosted in RenWeb/FACTS
  • Schoolwide Friday assemblies will be done through Zoom
  • Classroom Chat/Post expectations:
    • I. Write comments respectively
    • II. Refrain from personal conversations
    • III. Use positive language (I.e. profanity and derogatory language is not allowed)  A teacher has the right to dismiss a student from a virtual meeting or chat if the behavior is distracting and negatively impacting instruction. Teachers have been instructed to contact an administrator if there is an issue with student behavior.
      Administrators will contact parents.
  • Video Conferencing Etiquette expectations include:
    • I. Mute microphone until the teacher calls on you
    • II. Be prepared to discuss content/have your materials with you before you login
    • III. Computer/device on a table or desk (avoid shaking cameras)
    • IV. Have the light source in front you (sit facing the window)
    • V. Dress appropriately (no – pajamas, eating during instruction, hair bonnets/scarves).
      BJA’s Out of Uniform practices should be adhered to.

Parents, your classroom teacher is your first resource, and they will escalate to the administration for support as needed. Click Here to access an article that gives some perspective to Distance Learning.

Finally, to our entire BJA Learning Community, take a deep breath as we attach our natural (man-made plans) to God’s super, making it a Supernatural Success!

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AEC COVID-19 Response

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Allegheny East Conference, after prayerful consideration, legal counsel and consideration of best practices, is outlining the following measures detailed below to promote the safety of our churches, schools, and surrounding communities.

AEC Office of Education Distant Learning Update

As we prepare to start school on Monday, the Office of Education has been working to develop guidelines for how schools will operate moving forward while the buildings are closed. Our goal is to make sure our students continue to receive rigorous academic curricula and programs by way of distance learning.