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Baltimore Church School was established in 1915 at Druid Hill Avenue and Robert Street. Previous locations include: Druid Hill Ave. / Robert St., Harlem Ave. / Dolphin St., W. Lafayette Ave., Madison Ave., Oswego Ave., Bellona Ave., The name Baltimore Junior Academy (BJA) was adopted in 1927 under the pastorate of Elder M. S. Banfield.  In 1975, BJA officially opened its doors at 3006 W. Cold Spring Lane.  Since its inception, BJA has educated approximately 12,000 students.  Offering students an education that incorporates Christian values with a strong academic program.   BJA has always been African American owned and operated, however, no student will be denied admission based on race, sex, ethnic background or religion.


  • School-wide community outreach opportunities—Food and Toy Drives, Coin Collection to support Missions, Feeding the Homeless—instill students with a desire to give back to their community and provides them with an opportunity to show Christ’s example to others.


  • BJA Partners with Park Heights Renaissance, HIPPY, Bainum Family Foundation, and Constituent Churches.


To provide instruction in a Christ-centered educational environment for the enhancement of the spiritual, mental, physical, and social development of youth entrusted to its care.


Adventist Education

National Council for Private School Accreditation


  • An interactive weekly chapel with a high-level of student involvement.


  • Spiritual Emphasis Weeks where guest speakers are invited to BJA to create opportunities for students and teachers to deepen their faith journey.


  • A local pastor serves as the school Chaplain and provides spiritual mentorship and character development support to students.


  • Quality Early Learning: The pre-k to kindergarten program supports early learners in creating routines that will promote the right attitudes towards learning. The hallmark of the program is reflected in its high-quality academics with a balance of self-directed and teacher-led learning activities. Students stay physically and mentally active throughout the day, engaging in activities designed just for them.


  • Student Achievement: We closely monitor student growth throughout the school year using various assessments in reading and math. Student achievement is supported by compassionate and equipped teachers who promote a love for learning.


  • Diverse Learners: We support each learner by offering multiple, well-planned instructional tasks and activities.


  • Baltimore Junior Academy collaborates with external partners to provide academic tutoring support for our students.


83 students in grades PK-8.

Average Class Size: 17